How Much Does a Moving Company Cost?

Are you planning a move and are trying to decide which company to choose?

Prepare as we have compiled a comprehensive guide highlighting the top moving companies and their average costs. This will help you choose the best company for your moving needs and assist you in relocating your belongings on both local and long-distance moves.

Average Cost of a Moving Company

The average cost that a moving company charges for transporting the items of a one-bedroom house along a distance of 100-500 miles falls within the range of $2000 to $4000.

For a two-bedroom house covering the same distance, the cost ranges between $4000-$6000, while a three-bedroom house costs $6000-$8000.

The overall moving cost varies based on various variables like the distance you are moving, the size and weight of your items and the number of services you choose to avail.

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Cost of Hiring Local Movers

For your short-distance move, hiring local movers is the best option. The local movers calculate costs based on the number of movers and hours spent.

My Good Movers reports that for your local move within the same city or nearby town, an average cost of around $500 to $2200 is expected. Based on the per movers per hour criteria, the local movers will charge around $30 to $60.

Remember that this is an estimated cost. Your total cost will depend on several factors, such as the size of the move, additional services, and the time of your move. You must pay more for every added service, such as packing and storage facility.

Some movers have the best cost-saving service options. For example, if you hire Dumbo Moving and Storage  , they have state-of-the-art storage facilities and don’t charge you for storage handling.

Cost of Hiring Interstate Movers

Interstate or long-distance movers are professionally trained and have the necessary skill set to make your interstate moving smooth and problem-free. You can expect your costs to increase with distance and weight.

According to My Good Movers, the average cost of interstate moving ranges between $1200 to $8000. This cost can vary according to your item’s weight and size and the expected distance to be traveled.

Gulf Stream Van Lines has an average cost of $500 to $5,000 on My Good Movers. It is famous for providing quality solutions to interstate moving with its dedicated and professional staff and service options.

Cost of Hiring International Movers

International movers are more expensive to hire than interstate and local movers. It is a challenging task to move to a new country with all your belongings. With it comes financial burden in the form of visa, housing, shipping, storage, and packing fees.

International Van Lines has different price ranges. For example, the maximum cost for relocating six bedrooms is between $10,000 to $17,000.

Remember that this average cost is an estimated amount. The total cost may increase by the added services fees such as visa, legal, and mode of transport fees.

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Factors Affecting the Moving Cost

We have listed some major factors below that affect the moving costs.


The distance of your move determines the final cost. Your rates for distance are usually generated from fuel consumption and toll taxes. So, expect to pay more if your destination is far.

Size and Complexity of the move

The size and weight of your move decide the type of vehicle you need, the number of workers required, and the hours required to move and pack your belongings. This will determine your final cost.


The time you choose for your move greatly influences the moving cost. Weekends and summers increase the moving cost. At the same time, the weekdays and winters are cheaper for moving.


Most moving companies provide full and basic release value protection, among other levels of protection. Insurance can protect your items during the move but also increases the average cost.


Additional services like packing, storage, furniture disassembly, and assembly can increase costs. Your cost will be calculated based on the number of services you avail.

How Movers Calculate Costs

Moving companies calculate the cost of your move based on the factors mentioned above. Most companies offer a free moving quote on their website and moving calculators to determine your average cost. Apart from the factors mentioned earlier, moving companies calculate cost estimates based on the following:

Hourly Rate

Movers calculate the hours required to pack, unpack, load and transport your belongings to your destination. The average hourly rate for one mover is $60. So, the more time required, the more you will pay.

No. of movers

If you have a substantial quantity of items, the moving company may need to send more movers. If five movers are required for your move, the cost will be calculated accordingly.

Truck size

Movers select a truck suitable for safely adjusting and transporting your belongings. The larger the required truck, the higher the cost. Most moving companies offer 3-6 truck sizes.

How To Reduce Moving Costs

More savings and fewer expenses during your relocation are your priority. It is not a piece of cake to move but a stressful burden. Below are some cost-saving tips you can practice to avoid stress during your move.

Choose off-season to relocate
Never select the weekend or peak seasons for your move, as they are considered the costliest. Instead, look for weekdays and off-season to move.
DIY move
Hiring professional movers is a very expensive option. If you want to save money, consider going for a do-it-yourself move with the help of friends and family.
Decluttering your household belongings can save costs greatly. Survey each room, sort the stuff you don’t need and donate or sell it.
Find Free Supplies
Find free or low-cost packing supplies from your local supermarkets or recycling units to avoid paying extra amounts to movers.
Get multiple quotes
Compare moving quotes from different companies and choose which best suits you economically. Search for companies that offer discounts and in-home estimates.

Benefits of Hiring a Moving Company

Whether intrastate or interstate, always remember that moving is challenging. It requires lots of work and hassles. Hiring a professional moving company ensures a safe and convenient relocation.

Below are some of the benefits of hiring a professional moving company:

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