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Published By: Steve Gray

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Here’s the Good Friends Moving & Storage: You can expect top-notch services at competitive rates, supported by a track record of military-grade precision across every aspect of your move. With its unbeatable value and streamlined operations, Good Friends Moving & Storage stands out as a top choice among Long-Distance Moving Companies.

Best for International Moves

93% of Users Choose This Mover

Good Friends Moving & Storage

To determine Good Friends Moving & Storage as one of the top moving companies, we examined about thirty moving quotes and ten thousand client testimonials. 

What Does Good Friends Moving & Storage Do?

Good Friends Moving & Storage Movers operates as a licensed interstate household goods broker. When coordinating a consumer shipper’s move, the company acts as a broker and arranges transportation through an FMCSA-authorized motor carrier, whose charges are based on its published tariff.
Good Friends Moving & Storage coral springs movers in Florida specializes in local and long-distance moves for residential and commercial clients. Its permanent team members undergo thorough background checks and drug tests. For a smooth relocation experience, they also provide additional services, including transportation, packing, storage, and junk removal.

Good Friends Moving & Storage

When we make decisions, like whether to hire Good Friends Moving & Storage for our move, we naturally consider what we will gain from it. In light of this, it is important to understand the specific services Good Friends Moving & Storage offers. Therefore, the following are Good Friends Moving & Storage:

Good Friends Moving & Storage Priorities

When it comes to the Best Good Friends Moving & Storage in Florida, they prioritize the following aspects:

Customer Satisfaction

They ensure that customers have a smooth and positive experience from booking to final delivery.


Good Friends Moving & Storage provide dependable moving services and make deliveries on time without any delay.


They implement rigorous safety measures to protect customers' belongings during transit.

Operational Efficiency

Good Friends Moving & Storage utilizes modern technology and logistics management systems to optimize routes and schedules.

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Good Friends Moving & Storage Location

Good Friends Moving & Storage operates across multiple locations in the USA, but its main headquarters is nestled in Coral Springs, FL. From this central point, they coordinate their moving services, ensuring that customers experience smooth relocations whether they are moving across the street or across the country.

How Much Does Good Friends Moving & Storage Cost?

Cost guides every choice, big or small. Even tiny expenses can pile up fast. It pays to keep an eye on the little things, as they can make a big difference in the end.
Therefore, here are moving services in Coral Springs prices provided by Good Friends Moving & Storage:

Local move
$90 - $110 per hour
Long-distance move
$1.10 - $1.60 per mile
Packing Services
$45 - $65 per hour (per packer)
Storage Solutions
$110 - $210 per month
Junk Removal
$110 - $320 per load

Good Friends Moving & Storage VS. Others

Good Friends Moving & Storage not only offers moving and storage services in Coral Springs but also provides some of the best moving services in the area. Good Friends Moving & Storage provides all the services you need for a smooth move—long-distance moves, packing, storage, and commercial relocations. But can other companies offer the same level of expertise and care?

Good Friends Moving & Storage
Long Distance Moves
Packing Services
Storage Solutions
Commercial Moving
Customer Service
Customization Options

Booking Process of Good Friends Moving & Storage

The booking process with Good Friends Moving & Storage is designed to be simple and efficient, ensuring a smooth start to your moving journey. Here’s how it works:

Initial Contact

You can reach out to Good Friends Moving & Storage via phone, email, or through their website to initiate the booking process. During this initial contact, you discuss your moving needs, moving date, destination, and any specific requirements you may have.


Based on the information provided, Good Friends Moving & Storage offers you a free, no-obligation estimate for your move.


Once you are satisfied with the estimate, you confirm your booking with Good Friends Moving & Storage.


Leading up to your moving date, Good Friends Moving & Storage works closely with you to ensure everything is in order. This includes providing packing materials, offering packing tips, or answering any questions about the moving process.

Moving Day

On the scheduled moving day, Good Friends Moving & Storage arrive at your location at the agreed-upon time to begin the moving process. Their experienced team handles the packing, loading, transportation, and unloading of your belongings with care and efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions

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